War Story (2016)

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"War Story", documentary film, is an intimate glimpse into the life and career of Brigadir General (Res) Gal Hirsch. Gal's career began at military boarding school in Tel Aviv; he spearheaded Israel's fight against terror for 34 years on all fronts as acommander of several elite units and as a field officer.

In his pwn words Gal tells the story of the Second Lebanon War when he commanded the Galillee Division and the battles on Israel's northern borders. He also reveals the hidden war that took place behind his back following an incident when two soldiers were kidnapped under his watch.

Gal sets out to clear his name after being forced to leave the army. Backed by Supreme Court Justice, Eliahu Winograd, he and Yair Elazar, the son of a chief of staff on the Yom Kippur war, "Dado", go out to correct an injustice by a military leadership that renounced responsibility for a bloody war.

59 minutes, 2016

Gal Hirsch and Yair Elazar

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